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It contains the list of available sceens of menus. The files can be found in the MM directory of the XML package.


Root element. Mandatory.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-2"?>
<MinorMenu  xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/MinorMenu">
            <Caption>Computed Value</Caption>


Collection. The list of menu items belonging to the Menu.


An element of the collection. It is a node which describe a given menu item.


    <Caption>Computed Value</Caption>

/MinorMenu/Menu/Item/Caption (String)

Mandatory. Its value is the menu item's name to be displayed.

/MinorMenu/Menu/Item/ResourceName (String)

It's the name of the XML file in resource which contains the name of the Screen definition file (without extension).

/MinorMenu/Menu/Item/NewObjectCount (String)

Optional. It's default value is false.

It is used to parameterize the number displayed next to the menu item of the screen.

Its value is an SQL sentence which should return an integer value. Stored procedures also can be called. In this case the first value of its first row will be used.

/MinorMenu/Menu/Item/Visible (RuleValueType)

Optional. It is used to set the visibility of the menu item.


<Visible type="SQL" return="boolean" default="false">
        THEN 'True'
        ELSE 'False'
        FROM PeopleGroupsPeople as pgp with (readpast)
        WHERE pgp.PeopleID = [##Session.UserID##]
        AND pgp.GroupID IN (50000, 50011, 3)

/MinorMenu/Menu/Item/Icon (String)

Optional. It is hidden by default.

It is the icon of the menu item.

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