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This chapter deals with the parameterization of workflows.

The list of the workflows and the individual workflow steps are described by the XML files in the Workflow directory.


This file contains the list of the workflows defined in the system. The file needs to exist, even if there is no workflow defined in the given Effector system.


Root element, collection. If there is no workflow defined in the system, it needs to be left empty.


A workflow within the system. We can define any number of workflows within the system. Its value is the name of the workflow. This is only informal, it will not appear within the system.


The type of the workflow; the system will look for a WorkFlow[name].[version].xml file for this value where the [version] is an ordinal number beginning at 1 (see below).


The caption of the workflow, it appears with this name in the list for selecting workflows.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-2"?>
    <Workflow><!-- a workflow in the system -->
        <Caption>Test workflow</Caption>


The 1. version of the “Sample” type workflow specified in the WorkFlows.xml file.

The system is capable of versioning, which means that if a modification is asked for in a live system`s already existing workflow, the already started workflows will run according to the previous version, however the newly started workflows will run according to the new version.

Upon commencing the workflow, a new record is created in the “WorkFlow” table of the database. The ObjectType setting of the WorkFlow tag will be in the “ObjectType” column. The created WorkFlowId value is added to the WorkflowId column of the participating objects. These objects are principally the BusinessObjectEvent ("Event" table) and the BusinessObjectProject ("Project" table) BusinessObject.


Root element. Collection of workflow steps.


Collection node listing the steps of the workflow.


Workflow step within the workflow


The business object that belongs to the workflow step. It needs to be unique in the whole system. it's value: BusinessObject{BOType}{ObjectType}, where {BOType} is either Project or Event depending if the type is project or event and the {ObjectType} is the type of the object. The name of the XML file that belongs to this workflow step must match this.


The short name of the workflow step. Currently only used by the Effector Studio, it doesn`t appear on the surface.

The listing order of the workflow steps can be anything, it doesn`t represent the real running order of the workflow. Nevertheless, it is useful to list them in the same order to achieve easier readability (if it's possible).



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-2"?> <Workflow xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/Workflow"> <Steps> <Step> <BusinessObject>BusinessObjectProjectSample</BusinessObject> <Caption>Test workflow</Caption> </Step> <Step> <BusinessObject>BusinessObjectEventFirstStep</BusinessObject> <Caption>First step</Caption> </Step> </Steps> </Workflow>

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