Contains the list of available menu items. The default screen and the smartlinks can also be defined here. Typically, there is only one of it that can be found in the Profile directory of the XML package.


Root element. Mandatory.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-2"?>
<Profile xmlns="">
    <DefaultScreen type="Constant" return="string" default="">MMExample/ScreenCompanies</DefaultScreen>
            <Visible type="SQL" return="Boolean" default="false">
                <![CDATA[SELECT dbo.[ofn_FSYS_LHC_GetMenuVisibility] ('MMExample', '', '[##Session.UserID##]')]]>
            <Visible type="SQL" return="Boolean" default="false">
                <![CDATA[SELECT dbo.[ofn_FSYS_LHC_GetMenuVisibility] ('MMReleaseTest', '', '[##Session.UserID##]')]]>
            <Caption>Licence manager (client)</Caption>
            <Visible type="SQL" return="Boolean" default="false">
                <![CDATA[ SELECT dbo.[ofn_FSYS_LHC_GetMenuVisibility] ('MMLicenseHandler', NULL, '[##Session.UserID##]')]]>

/Profile/DefaultView (RuleValueType)

Mandatory. We store the initial view in this tag, that needs to be given in the following format: MMName/ScreenName.

Example <DefaultView type="Constant" return="string" default="">MMExample/ScreenCompanies<DefaultView>

/Profile/MenuType (Enumeration)

Optional. Default: Top

In desktop view this serves to set whether a top or side menu should appear.

Its possible values: Compact/Side/Top

Example <MenuType>Top</MenuType>


Collection. The list of menu items belonging to the Profile.


efi-m-licenc Example MMExample true


An element of the collection. The node describing a given menu item element.

/Profile/Menu/Item/Icon (String)

Optional. The name of the CSS class belonging to the menu item.

/Profile/Menu/Item/Caption (String)

Mandatory. Its value is the menu item`s name to be displayed.

/Profile/Menu/Item/CssClass (String)

Optional. The name of the CSS class of the formatting that applies to the menu item.

/Profile/Menu/Item/Visible (RuleValueType)

Optional. It is used to set the visibility of the menu item.


<Visible type="SQL" return="boolean" default="false"><![CDATA[
    SELECT dbo.[ofn_FSYS_LHC_GetMenuVisibility] (``, '', '[##Session.UserID##]')]]>



Collection. It defines fixed menu items in the drop-down list.


Password change ScreenNewUser MMbasedata true ID Out Profile change ScreenIDEPeopleEdit MMIDE true People_ID Out SELECT '[##Session.UserID##]' JumpType Param SELECT 'NoAction'


An element of the collection. The node describing a given QuickLaunch element.


  • id - needs to be unique in the whole XML. Mandatory attribute!

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/Caption (String)

Its content will be the caption of the menu item.

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/ReferencedMinorMenu (String)

The name of the menu item that contains the screen to be opened.

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/Screen (String)

The name of the screen to be opened.


Collection. The definitions of the filters that are needed to open the screen.


An element of the collection. The definition of a given filter.

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/Filters/Filter/Name (String)

Name identifying the filter.

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/Filters/Filter/Type (String)

The type of the filter. (Usually Out / Param.)

/Profile/QuickLaunch/Item/Filters/Filter/Value (RuleValueType)

The value of the filter.

/Profile/IsSkinSwitchingEnabled (Boolean)

Optional. It defined whether changing the skin is allowed. Default: true

Example <IsSkinSwitchingEnabled>false</IsSkinSwitchingEnabled>

/Profile/ShowMenuIcons (Boolean)

Optional. Are the icons visible in the menu? Default: false

/Profile/LoadHomeViewAfterLogin (Boolean)

Optional. It defines whether the screen set under Home should be loaded. Default: false

/Profile/CustomLogoUrl (String)

Optional. The path of a file containing a unique logo.

Példa <CustomLogoUrl>ui/gfx/custom_logo.png</CustomLogoUrl>

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