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The settings defining the final location and final name of the uploaded documents need to be specified in a DocumentStoreSettings.xml file in the root directory of the XML package.


Root node. It joins the settings pertaining to the various types of documents.


This node joins the settings pertaining to one document type: it specifies where and under what name the document is saved after being uploaded.

DocumentStoreSettings/DocumentStoreSetting/DocumentObjectType (String)

The type of the document (in the ObjectType column of the Document table).

/DocumentStoreSettings/DocumentStoreSetting/TargetPathTemplate (RuleValueType)

In this rule, we need to define the final location of the file in the file system. The location must always be understood as being on the server.

/DocumentStoreSettings/DocumentStoreSetting/TargetFileNameTemplate (RuleValueType)

Optional node. In this rule, we need to define the new file name of the document (e.g. after being attached, the name of the file should be the registration number).



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-2"?> <DocumentStoreSettings xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/DocumentStoreSettings"> <DocumentStoreSetting> <DocumentObjectType></DocumentObjectType> <TargetPathTemplate type="" return="" default=""></TargetPathTemplate> <TargetFileNameTemplate type="" return="" default=""></TargetFileNameTemplate> </DocumentStoreSetting> </DocumentStoreSettings>

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