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Collection file. Contains the list of the database connections available in the system.


Root node. Collection.

Example: See at the bottom of the page.

/Connections/ConnectionFile (String)

An element of the collection. Its value is the name of the file describing the database connection (including the extension).


File describing the connection settings of a database.


Root node.


Caption of the database. This will appear on the login screen in the database selection drop down list (in case of multiple connections).


The path of the XML package that belongs to the database connection. It can be relative or absolute.


Optional. The path of a C# DLL can be specified that contains Effector XML package files.


Not used. Its value is generally false. By setting the value to true we can indicate if the Database, Server, User_ID, Password fields contain encrypted data. The encryption is done with a tool.

/Connection/Profile (String)

Here we can specify which Profile XML file belongs to the given database connection. Its value is the name of the file without point and extension.

/Connection/Database (String)

The name of the database containing the Effector on the server.

/Connection/Server (String)

The database servers IP address or DNS name.

/Connection/PersistSecurityInfo (String)

Part of the ConnectionString. Its setting rarely happens. Its value is also false.

/Connection/IntegratedSecurity (String)_

Part of the ConnectionString. Its setting rarely happens. Its value is also SSPI.

/Connection/TrustedConnection (String)_

Part of the ConnectionString. Its setting rarely happens. Its value is also false.


Optional. Collection. The list of the languages used in the system.


An element of the collection. The definition of a language. Its value is the definition by text of the language. (For example: English, Hungarian)


  • code - the two-letter code of the language (For example: EN, HU)

/Connection/ThirdLoginField (String)

Optional. There`s a possibility to display a third login field on the login screen. We can specify the caption of this field here. If the node is empty or not given, the system will not display an extra field.

/Connection/IsTestOnly (Boolean)

Optional. If switched on, the system displays a message after login that the current database is only a version used for testing. Default: false.

/Connection/ObjectEditList (Boolean)

Optional. It switches on the ObjectEditList function. For more info see the [##Special.ObjectEditList##] element on the rules reference site.

/Connection/IsDocumentVersionEnabled (Boolean)

Optional. Used to set if the Effector should version the attached documents on a system level.

/Connection/UserID (String)_

The login name used for the database server.

/Connection/Password (String)

The password used to login to the database server.



<Connections xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://effector.hu/media/docs/schema/DBConnections.xsd">


<Connection xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/Connection">





        <Language code="en-US">english</Language>
        <Language code="hu-HU">hungarian</Language>



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