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In the Effector's system, the DataDefinition files make the connection between the database and the display components. The DataDefiniton serves as the data source of the display components. The file`s name always has to begin with the DataDefiniton string and it is located in the DataDefinition directory of the XML package.


Root node.

/DataDefinition/SqlSelect (String)

This part contains the name of a deleted procedure or an SQL sentence without the part of the sentence that selects the columns. The definition of the columns happens in the Columns node.


  • distinct (Boolean) - if duplicates should be filtered out
    • type (String) - specifies the type of the inquiry. Its value can be:
    • Select - in this case the value of the node is an SQL sentence without the part of the sentence that selects the columns (default).
  • StoredProcedure: in this case the value of the node is the name of a stored procedure.

/DataDefinition/IsDynamic (String)

Optional boolean setting. The columns of the inquiry are generated dynamically in the stored procedure given in the SqlSelect part. Its default value is false.


Collection. Contains the definitions of the columns of the data source. it's mandatory if the value of the IsDynamic setting is false.


An element of the collection. Contains the definition of a column of the data source.


  • name(String): the unique identifier of the column, unique in the entire XML.

/DataDefinition/Columns/Column/Definition (String)

Contains the SQL definition of the column. It has to apply the same syntactical rules as an SQL column expression.

/DataDefinition/Columns/Column/IdColumn (String)


If we want to fix a Link to the column, it's mandatory to specify. It has to contain the unique identifier of the column (as specified in the XML) that is used as the principal key, on which an Out type filter needs to be defined.

/DataDefinition/Columns/Column/BusinessObject (String)


It matters only in case of inplace editing. Its value is the name of the BusinessObject that executed the last modification (XML file name without point and extension).


(Boolean): If we want to refer to another column within the DataDefinition file then we have to specify the name (name attribute) of the DataDefinition column that we want to refer to in the SqlName node. Optional setting, default value is false.

<Column name="ColumnA">
    <Column name="ColumnB" IsComposite="true">
        <Definition>SELECT TOP 1 X FROM Y WHERE Y.Z = [##Column.ColumnA##]</Definition>


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