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XML containing the definition of a drop-down list.



The type of the data source. Its possible values:

  • Database: uploads the key-value pairs from a database
  • XML: the key-value parts must be given here


The key-value pairs` source must be given here.


If the value of SourceType is Database, it's a mandatory node.


SQL command, that makes an inquiry for the value list in the form of a key/value pair. It makes sense to write “1=1” in the WHERE condition, so that afterwards we can further filter the value list. Further information about this matter can be found in theEdit screen chapter.


A value representing a row of the ComboBox. Specifying it is mandatory in case of a Database source type.


Field applicable for the display belonging to the key. Specifying it is mandatory in case of a Database source type.

The KeyColumn and ValueColumn values need to be present in the SelectionString (in the field listing).


Collection used for the definition of an XML type ComboDefinition. The definition of the set of values is in the form of key/value pairs.


An element of the set of values. The definition of at least one node is mandatory.


  • key - The key part of the key/value pair.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-2"?> <ComboDefinition xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/ComboDefinition"> <SourceType>Database / XML</SourceType> <Source> <Database> <SelectionString> <![CDATA[ SELECT LookupListID, LookupValue FROM FSYS_LookupList WITH(NOLOCK) WHERE GroupNum = '[##Filter.GroupNum##]' AND 1=1 ORDER BY LookupValue ]]> </SelectionString> <KeyColumn>LookupListID</KeyColumn> <ValueColumn>LookupValue</ValueColumn> </Database> <FixedValues> <Value key="1">apple</Value> <Value key="2">pear</Value> </FixedValues> </Source> </ComboDefinition>

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