Version 6.0


Release date: 2018-03-30


  • New XML format. Better naming conventions, higher efficiancy for parameterization
    • Old XMLs need to be converted using the XMLConvert program.
  • Completely renewed Effector Studio
    • XML files read into the database, manipulated in the database, and then rewriting into a file system
    • multi-user developer supprt
    • enhanced UI
    • Import displays, blokks, excel generated displays with drag&drop
    • a single screen can be used to access all of connected information to each screen (related XMLs)
    • create and edit a popup window
    • new display with new table creation with optional editing screen
    • create screen from SQL query with convert to stored procedure option
    • expanded excel import functionality by setting drag & drop links between worksheet tabs, which also perform the necessary filter settings
    • definie any number of restore points, restoring previous states of the XMLs at any moment
    • advanced workflow step editor: basic data (name, table, description, responsible), fields (and their rules), editing triggers
  • New interfaces to make Effector more flexible by making parameterization more flexible
    • IBusinessObjectMethod
    • IControlPanelControl
    • IFormControl
  • New, modern default skin

Upgrading existing features

  • You can specify the default path when you upload a document

  • Last update: 44 weeks 2 days ago
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