Version 5.5


Release date: 2017-12-18


  • The server side of the Effector runs on .Net Framework 4.5.1

  • The AngularJS code of the user interface upgraded to version 1.6.5

  • New data display table
    • updated basic component
    • simplified paging
    • easier to manage column header features: sorting with single click to column caption, collapse column by double clicking on column caption
    • dynamic cell formatting options
    • CTRL+click to select multiple rows
    • keyboard navigation within the table display
    • visual improvement of column rearrangement
    • optimal column width adjustment with clicking
    • multi-level header
    • multi-row column label
    • multi-line rows
    • unique column header style
    • fixable columns
    • summaries on formatted columns
  • Workflow engine refactor
    • optimized core
    • any type of object can be a part of workflows
    • workflow versioning upgrade

Upgrading existing features

  • Excel export to temple files now takes into account the column name in the template
  • The delete icon on displays(table and card) now check user rights for the operation
  • Document template handler function upgraded
    • it can use HTML template
    • “failed message” handling
    • additional formatting options
    • you will no longer need to insert the columns into separate table for filling in the template

Security Updates

  • The “rich text” component made safer

  • Last update: 44 weeks 2 days ago
  • Effector