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By using Effector's WebAPI business objects can be queried, created, modified, deleted in a standard, validated and logged way with many programming languages. The WebAPI has been built on the most modern, OData (Open Data Protocol) v4 standard.

Get more information about the OData (Open Data Protocol) which is an ISO/IEC approved, OASIS standard on the odata.org website. You can also check the Microsoft's OData documentation as well.

The OData endpoint of the Effector application is available on "/api" path of the installed web application. (e.g. If the Effector's site URL is https://myeffectorapp.mycompanydomain.com, then the OData endpoint is https://myeffectorapp.mycompanydomain.com/api.)

The data is transferred in the URL query parameters and in the request body in JSON format. The response (if it has a body) is always in JSON format (with application/json content type).

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