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Effector Platform features a robust workflow module. An important part of the module is the interface optimized for the generation, modification and management of workflows and subprocesses, while providing a visual representation of those.

  • Workflows are designed on a graphic interface using drag & drop. The flowcharts thus generated dynamically follow and display the status of the individual processes in the live user environment.
  • The workflow logic, decision points and branches related to individual steps can be easily configured.
  • Subprocess can be included in any process. It's done with a copy of the given subprocess therefore if the original subprocess is changed there will not affect the already included subprocess.
  • Subprocesses can be arbitrarily embedded to other subprocesses.
  • Data entry fields assigned to workflow steps are managed on an editor interface featuring drag & drop support.
  • Workflows thus generated are part of the Effector system, can be immediately run on a testing interface to test the actual operation logic.
  • Any number of metadata can be ordered for process and process steps.





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