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Consultant interface

This interface allows users with consultant expertise to set up application prototypes (so-called mock-ups) to be presented to their clients. Based on the prototype thus assembled, the development of the final system can be launched.

The screens of the consultant interface follow the steps of a typical application development process:

  1. Breaking down the application logic into (main) menu items (user roles) and, within that, into screens
  2. Importing data from Excel files with the option to set the relationship among individual tabs
  3. Setting the information content of screens by using existing elements, Excel files, application blocks, while making use of a rich variety of visual representation forms: graphs, grids, info cards, documents and processes
  4. Inserting entire application blocks that allow adding complex interfaces and functions to the system at the click of a button
  5. Form editing by drag & drop
  6. Menu editing by drag & drop

By following the steps, users can swiftly build prototype interfaces with the help of which they, along with their clients, can finalize various application concepts before the actual development process starts.






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