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Developer interface

This interface has been designed for Effector developers. It showcases the XML files defining the application logic and the related database elements, while also allowing the monitoring of the application run. The XML editor interface, offering features such as syntax check and automatic code completion, facilitates direct application modification. Main features of the developer interface:

XML list

It is a searchable database and editor interface for parameter files describing the application in XML format.


Database operations

It supports the search for errors in system’s database operations, while visually displaying the requests sent to the database. The run time of each request is measured, thus the interface promotes application response time optimization.


Error log

The list of errors occurring while the application is running can be viewed here, with an option to search by reference number, date and specific error message.


Database objects

Database objects (grids, stored procedures, functions, triggers, views) used by Effector are displayed on this screen.


Database purging, XML purging

On this interface, objects and XML files not used by the system can be placed into the recycle bin or deleted permanently.

Skin designer

The skin designer helps give Effector a unique appearance by creating custom-made color schemes.


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