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Using this view, a content referenced by a URL generated based on some type of rule can be displayed on a panel. Essentially, it can be considered a mini web browser, which appears embedded in a component.

Location in the system

The files allowing for the configuration are located in the EmbeddedWebDisplay directory of the XML package. the name of the file must always start with the string EWD.

Available features

  • URL setting

URL setting

Its definition can be done by using the following mandatory nodes. Only one of each can be present. The descriptor’s root element is the EmbeddedWebDisplay node that includes the following nodes:

  • Caption: with its help, we can set the caption of the "browser", however, currently it does not show up anywhere.
  • URL: It is a Rules type node, with its help the URL of the website to be displayed can be generated dynamically.


    <Caption />
    <URL type="SQL" return="string" default="">
            SELECT `http://maps.google.com/maps?output=embed&q=` + (SELECT top 1 isnull(city,``) + `, ` + isnull(street,``) + ` ` + isnull(StreetNumber,``) from company with (nolock) where CompanyID = `[##Filter.Company_ID##]`)

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