The authentication and management of the users and the licenses issued to clients are all done by a central service. Multiple application instances can be operated with the same user base.

The LicenseHandlerServer is a special application instance (Effector).

For every application instance there is an instanceName file in the App_Data directory, that contains the unique identifier of the application.

Files necessary for the operation of the LicenseHandlerServer:

  • App_Data\LicenseHandlerServer.key: The server key file provided for the client. There is a key file allowing for a Demo operation, that contains a user valid for 30 days from the first login.

  • DBConnections\ConnectionLicenseHandlerServer.xml: A DBConnection file that describes which database fulfills the role of the license-server in relation to the application instance.

On the screens provided by the LicenseHandlerServer, it is possible to:

  • Create a user
  • Assign a license to a user
  • Make setting pertaining to the login procedure of the application
  • Import license package and new server key files

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