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Email client

For the OneTimePassword function, a rudimentary email client has been developed as a complement element.

For now, it is only applicable to send mails but with future development the new module can be used for receiving emails as well. The function needs to be parametrized in a database similarly to the e-mail sending function of the SQL server.

The tables belonging to the function:

  • FSYS_EmailProfiles: Table containing the mail profiles, its fields:

-ID: unique identifier -Name: name of the profile -Description: description -DisplayName: name to be displayed -EmailAddress: e-mail address

  • FSYS_EmailAccounts: The data and fields of the accounts used for sending and in the future receiving.

  • ID: unique identifier
  • Name: name of the account
  • DisplayName: name to be displayed
  • ReplyAddress: reply address
  • Protocol: protocol
  • Host: host address
  • Port: number of the port (int)
  • SSL: safe connection (boolean)
  • UserName: username
  • Password: password

  • ConnectionTimeOut: How long should the connection be attempted (miliseconds) (int)
  • CommandTimeOut: How long should the sending be attempted (miliseconds) (int)
  • RetryCount: number of retries

  • FSYS_EmailProfileAccount: Table describing the connection between the profile and the accounts, its fields.

  • Profile_ID: the identifier of the profile (ID field of the FSYS_EmailProfiles table) -Account_ID: the identifier of the account (ID field of the FSYS_EmailAccounts table)

  • FSYS_EmailItems: The mails sent (and received, after future developments)

  • Profile_ID: identifier of the profile (int)
    • Account_ID: identifier of the account (int)
    • From: sender
    • To: receiver
    • CC: copy
    • BCC: secret copy
    • Subject: subject
    • Body: letter body
  • HtmlBody: HTML formatted letter body
  • FSYS_EmailAttachments: The attachments attached to the sent (and received, after future development) mails, its fields:

-Mailitem_ID: letter body -Attachment: attachment (its route)

  • FSYS_EmailLog: table used for logging, its fields: -Mailitem_ID: unique identifier contained in the FSYS_Emailitems table -Date: date -Status: the status of the mail (Unsent, Sent, Failed, Received) -Info: error message

Example code:

string emailProfile = “DefaultEmailProfile”;

string email = “info@oriana.hu”;
string subject = “test”;
string message = “test message”;
string htmlMessage = message;

EmailClient.EmailClient client = new EmailClient.EmailClient(connectionString, emailProfile, Path.Combine(programPath, "Aspose.Total.lic"));
int mailItemID = client.Send(new string[] { email }, subject, message, htmlMessage);

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