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The EffectorServerToolsService is a Windows service that allows for the execution of timed tasks. The application itself simply starts the set jobs on time and collects information on their running. The individual functions

  • need to be written in a .dll file (in this case the class has to realize the IEVIServerTool interface.)
  • or have to run an sql command.


You need to setup the database connection in file EffectorServerToolService.exe.config and the name of the Windows service under the appSettings setting.

  • serviceName: the name of the service which will appear in Services window.
  • db_host: encrypted address of the database server (EncryptForOnline.exe) Mandatory!
  • db_authtype: its value is SQL or Windows
  • db_username: if db_authtype = "SQL", then its the encrypted username used for the connection (EncryptForOnline.exe)
  • db_password: if db_authtype = "SQL", then its the encrypted password used for the connection (EncryptForOnline.exe)
  • db_dbname: name of the database Mandatory!
  • CommandTimeout: setting used in DLLs which sets the value of setting SqlCommand.CommandTimeout. Default value is 60 seconds.
  • LogFileName: name of the log file Mandatory with full path!
  • systemTag: distinctive sign which is written in the log file if there is multiple EffectorServerToolService use the same log file


Before installation there is need to configure EffectorServerToolService. Please see section Configuring.

To install it you need a command line running with administator rights (UAC!), then execute the file service_install.bat. By default the service will be created with Startup type: Manual.

Parameterization (Jobs)

We need two database tables for parameterizing:

  • ServerTool_Job: The jobs have to be registered in this table (what, when)
  • ServerTool_log: The time and result of the jobs running is stored in this table

The columns of the ServerTool_Job:

  • id: unique identifier of the job, this is registered in the ServerTool_Log table.
  • name The unique name or description of the Job (to be used to define what the Job does).
  • dll_name: If the job is written in a dll, the name and qualified path of the dll file.
  • class_name: The name of the class in the dll, that realizes the IEVIServerTool interface.
  • SQL: If there is an empty value in the dll_name, the SQL expression in this column will be run by the service. The result of the execution is taken from the first row of the first column of the result of the expression.
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: On which days should the Job run.
  • minsec_from From what time the job should run, in a 0:00 format.
  • minsec_to from what time the Job should not run (from this time the scheduler will not take it).
  • period At what time periods should the Job run (in minutes).
  • last_run When did it run last time.
  • running: Whether the Job is currently running. The scheduler does not take the Job again as long as it is in the state of running.
  • status_message: The message of the last run.

Removing service

Firstly, it has to be stopped in Services application.

To remove it you need a command line running with administator rights (UAC!), then execute the file service_uninstall.bat.

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