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Drop down list datasource

The file facilitating the definition of drop-down lists is called ComboDefinition. Its main goal is to define sets of values for drop-down lists and make them reusable.

Location in the system

Its physical location is in the ComboDefinitions folder. The ComboDefinition always occurs as a reference, it cannot be used in itself. Its location within the system is shown in the following figure:

ComboBox relationships

Available features

  • Datasource definition
  • Definition of values and display fields

Datasource definition


<ComboDefinition xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/ComboDefinition">
                SELECT [PeopleID], [Name] 
                FROM [People] WITH(NOLOCK)
                WHERE [Deleted] = 0 
                    AND [IsGroup] = 0
                    AND 1=1
                ORDER BY [Name] ASC

<ComboDefinition xmlns="http://effector.hu/schema/ns/ComboDefinition">
            <Value key="1">alma</Value>
            <Value key="2">korte</Value>

For the datasource definition two nodes can be used, one of them defines the type of the relationship, while the other specifies the SELECT statement.

  • SourceType: The type of the relationship maybe Database or XML.
  • Source: in case of a SourceType=Database a SELECT statement runs a query on the list of values. In the WHERE clause, it is advisable to sort the data and insert the 1=1 expression for a later filtering. The system will replace this 1=1 condition with the appropriate filter expression. The SELECT statement must have at least two fields.

Definition of value and display fields

One of the two fields queried by a select statement represents the value of the ComboBox, while the other signifies the description to be displayed. In the ComboBox, a list of key-value pairs is displayed.

Available nodes:

  • KeyColumn: A value (key) representing one row of the ComboBox.
  • ValueColumn: A displayable field related to the key.

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